Who is Gordon Ryan girlfriend?

Nathalia Sontoro
Nathalia Sontoro Instagram

Gordon Ryan girlfriend name is Nathalia Sontoro.

Nathalia Santoro is 35 years old; she was born on February 21st, 1989. On February 21, 2024, she posted a birthday photo in a red bikini. Nathalia was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She then immigrated to the United States and settled in Hawaii.
Nathalia Santoro is a well-known bodybuilder, fitness model, and purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under John Danaher. She is the second woman to achieve a BJJ brown belt from John Danaher, and goes by the moniker Sonny. Being the girlfriend of five-time ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Champion Gordon Ryan, she became well-known and attracted media attention.

What Gordon Ryan says about his girlfriend?

Gordon Ryan Girlfriend

Ryan opened up in a recent social media post:

There are many people and things in my life that the public gives credit to for my success, and they’re usually right, but one person who definitely doesn’t get enough credit is Sonny.

She doesn’t ask for credit, she doesn’t complain, and she always puts me first.
If we are laughing or fighting, business is business, and the career always comes first.

We support each other in every way imaginable, and both know what we signed up for.
I am very lucky to have someone in my personal life who can help access the board, both on and off the mats.

Thanks for being you, Sonny.

Gordon Ryan Girlfriend Nathalia Sontoro

Santoro started training at Renzo Gracie’s Manhattan headquarters while he was a resident of New York. She met Gordon Ryan, her current partner, there. Despite the fact that Santoro was almost seven years his senior, they started dating in 2016.

For a very long time, Ryan and Santoro have been acting like brother and sister. Despite being siblings, they both frequently post on social media about their relationship, suggesting that it is physical in nature.

Santoro frequently attends the majority of Gordon Ryan’s competitions and also appears in his DVDs and workshops as a uke player, demonstrating technique. Under John Danaher’s tutelage, she has earned a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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